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GameStop skyrockets by 60% in meme-stock market resurgence

GameStop stock has experienced a massive surge of nearly 60% as the meme-stock Market makes a strong comeback. This surge comes as a result of renewed interest and speculation from retail investors, signaling a resurgence in the volatile trading behavior that first gained popularity earlier this year. Investors are keeping a close eye on these ...

Market News

GameStop stock skyrockets by 60% in meme-stock market comeback

GameStop’s stock surged over 60% as the meme-stock Market makes a strong comeback. The unexpected rally comes as retail investors once again target heavily shorted stocks, showcasing the power of social media-driven trading. Click to Claim Latest Airdrop for FREE Claim in 15 seconds Scroll Down to End of This Post Win Up To 93% ...

Market News

GameStop shares surge over 70% as ‘Roaring Kitty’ sparks meme-stock frenzy

GameStop’s stock has skyrocketed over 70% as retail investors rally behind the “Roaring Kitty” revival, reigniting the meme-stock bonanza. The unexpected surge comes after the popular Reddit forum WallStreetBets once again fueled excitement around the struggling video game retailer. With GameStop’s shares surging, investors are closely watching the volatile Market for potential gains. Click to ...

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