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Fidelity Joins BlackRock, Seeks Approval for Ethereum ETF

“Fidelity’s decision to file for a spot Ethereum ETF shows the growing interest in cryptocurrency from established financial institutions, following in the footsteps of industry leader BlackRock.” Asset management giant Fidelity just filed a 19b-4 with the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) to set up a spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) called the Fidelity Ethereum ...

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Former Polygon Labs President Ryan Wyatt Joins Ethereum Layer-2 Optimism to Boost Scalability and User Experience

“Former Polygon Labs President Ryan Wyatt brings his expertise to the forefront of Ethereum’s Layer-2 scaling solution Optimism, propelling the potential for widespread adoption and seamless user experiences in the ever-evolving decentralized ecosystem.” Former Polygon Labs president, Ryan Wyatt, has joined Optimism Unlimited as Chief Growth Officer. Optimism Unlimited is a subsidiary of the Optimism ...