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Seedify Fund Releases Comprehensive Bridge, Staking & Farming Guide for Ethereum and Arbitrum Networks

“Discover how to make the most of $SFUND Bridge, Staking & Farming on both Ethereum and Arbitrum networks with Seedify Fund’s comprehensive guide, unlocking new opportunities for decentralized finance enthusiasts in November 2023.” We are excited to announce that community requests have been answered with the long-awaited $SFUND bridge to the Ethereum and Arbitrum network/chain, ...

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Bitcoin Surges to $32,000, Marking Year’s Highest Level Amid Growing Confidence in BlackRock and Fidelity’s Crypto Fund Approval

Bitcoin continues to soar, reaching an impressive $32,000 and marking its highest peak this year, as market confidence surges with the anticipation of federal regulators giving the green light to BlackRock and Fidelity’s applications to operate crypto funds. Bitcoin reached a significant milestone on Monday, surpassing $32,000 – its highest level this year. This surge ...