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Stock Market Continues to Surge as Dow Slides, Nasdaq and S&P 500 Maintain Winning Streaks; Disney Reports Earnings; Rivian, Robinhood, Oil, and Bitcoin Make Waves

“Tech giants continue to dominate the market as Dow takes a tumble, while Nasdaq and S&P 500 maintain their winning streaks, reflecting the resilient nature of the tech sector amidst market volatility. Meanwhile, Disney’s earnings performance adds to the positive sentiment, while exciting developments from Rivian and Robinhood catch investors’ attention. Not to be forgotten, ...

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Disney and Square-Backed Games Partner with Immutable and Polygon to Scale Ethereum

“Disney and Square-backed games take a quantum leap in Ethereum scaling, partnering with Immutable and Polygon for limitless gaming experiences.” Immutable, a gaming-focused Ethereum scaling team, has announced that it is receiving significant interest from web3 games looking to launch on its upcoming Polygon-powered Layer 2 rollup, Immutable zkEVM. The launch is scheduled for early ...