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Electric Cars Gain Momentum as New Car Sales Soar in the EU, BEVs Capture 14.2% of the Market

“Discover the latest surge in new car sales in the EU, with electric cars grabbing a 14.2% market share. Learn more about this exciting shift towards sustainable transportation and the impact it’s having on the automotive industry.” The latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) reveals that the demand for new cars in ...

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Electric Car Sales Surge as Demand for Eco-Friendly Vehicles Grows

“Electric vehicles continue to gain momentum in the market as more consumers are seeking sustainable and efficient transportation options.” The auto and transport sector has been buzzing with news lately, and the latest market talks are heating up with some interesting developments. Nikola’s departing finance chief, Anastasiya Pasterick, is making waves as she heads to ...

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Growing Divide: The Looming Collision of the Two-Speed Electric Car Market

“The fast and furious race towards electric car adoption is creating a two-speed market, but without proper infrastructure and consumer education, this acceleration could lead to a crash in the industry.” The global auto industry is facing a significant contradiction as the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) gains momentum in some markets while struggling in ...