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India’s Space Agency Monitoring Sun’s Solar Activity: Current Affairs Question and Answers

Today’s Current Affairs: Solar Activity Keeps Researchers Busy at ISRO As you might’ve heard, there’s a lot of solar activity happening, keeping heliophysicists and aurora watchers on their toes. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been monitoring the solar storms bombarding Earth and collecting valuable data from ground stations and spacecraft. ISRO’s observations from ...

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Bitcoin activity drops to record low – How will this affect the price? Find out more on TradingView News!

As Bitcoin on-chain activity reaches record low levels, questions arise about the impact on the cryptocurrency’s price. With fewer transactions happening on the blockchain, some experts believe this could signal a potential shift in Market dynamics. Find out more on TradingView News. Click to Claim Latest Airdrop for FREE Claim in 15 seconds Scroll Down ...

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