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Unlocking Investment Potential: How to Navigate Stock Data Type Missing Category and Optimize Your Investment Style

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How to Automatically Get the Category/Investment Style for a Stock in Excel

When pulling in stock data from the built-in “Stocks” data type in Excel, you may find that the Category/Investment Style for a particular stock is missing. This article will guide you on how to automatically get the Category/Investment Style for a stock in Excel.

Step 1: Pulling Stock Data into Excel

To begin, you need to pull the stock data into Excel using the built-in “Stocks” data type. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Excel and navigate to the cell where you want to pull in the stock data.
  2. Enter the stock symbol or company name in the cell.
  3. Excel will automatically recognize the data as a stock and display a small icon next to it.
  4. Click on the icon and select “Insert Data” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Excel will populate the cell with various stock data, including the stock price, volume, and more.

Step 2: Finding the Category/Investment Style

By default, the “Stocks” data type in Excel does not include the Category/Investment Style for a stock. However, there is a way to automatically get this information. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Data” tab in Excel and select “From Web” in the “Get & Transform Data” section.
  2. In the “From Web” dialog box, enter the URL of a financial website or API that provides the Category/Investment Style information for stocks.

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