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Unlocking Investment Opportunities: A Guide for Non-accredited Investors to Purchase Ripple Stock Pre-IPO

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Wall Street Expert Shares How Non-Accredited Investors Can Buy Ripple Shares Before IPO


Wall Street financial expert Linda Jones recently shared with the crypto community how non-accredited investors can buy shares of Ripple before the firm’s eventual public offering.

Linqto’s Special Package for Non-Accredited Investors

In a recent post, Jones noted that Linqto has unveiled a special package for people who could not pass the accredited investor requirement to invest in Ripple stock. The offer is called ‘Reg D.’ The sole aim is to allow non-accredited investors to acquire Ripple shares pre-IPO.

Jones noted it is a limited offering, urging the community to act fast.

Non-Accredited Investors Buying Ripple Stock

According to the update, the Linqto offering commences next week, particularly on Monday or Wednesday. The intending buyers of Ripple shares are to prepare a minimum investment of $5,000.

The first step involves registering an account on the Linqto platform. For the next step, Jones stated that intending buyers should move their funds to the Uphold platform and store the amount in US dollars. The maximum amount transferable through Uphold to Linqto is $2,499 a day.

After the fund movement, Jones stated that Linqto would verify such a user. The third step involves moving the $2,499 from Uphold into Linqto through the Linqto application. Given Uphold’s transfer limit, Jones urged interested persons to take action immediately.

It is worth mentioning that the essence of sending the fund to Uphold before subsequently sending it to Linqto is to expedite the process of fund confirmation. Interested persons not pleased with such multiple steps can directly send from their bank accounts to Linqto.

However, Jones highlighted that the process may take up to three days before the beneficiary’s account is credited.

Regardless, for the fourth step, the interested individuals are to watch the Linqto app or their email for a message on Monday. The last timeline for the email message is Wednesday, September 13.

By that date, the Ripple stock will be available for acquisition. While the option for wire transfer to Linqto is also available, Jones cautioned that the stock could sell out before the fund confirmation.

Not Financial Advice

Meanwhile, the Wall Street expert disclaimed that the announcement does not constitute financial advice. She urged participants to assess their risk tolerance level properly before proceeding.

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