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Shop the Market Event in Bentonville Showcases Strong Support for Local Farmers

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“Shop the Market in Bentonville: A vibrant community event celebrating local farmers, where you can savor the freshest produce, connect with growers, and contribute to a sustainable food system!”

The Bentonville Farmers Market recently hosted a family-friendly event called “Shop the Market” on October 21st. The highlight of the event was the giveaway of $2,400 worth of market cash. Families lined up at the Downtown Bentonville Incorporated (DBI) tent to receive two $5 market cash, which could only be redeemed at the farmer’s market vendor booth.

The event was organized by Downtown Bentonville Inc. to not only give back to the community but also to support local farmers by infusing cash directly into their businesses. Aaron Nolan from DBI emphasized the importance of small businesses and their contribution to the local economy.

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