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Petrosa’s Future Markets in Bend Uncertain as Land is Listed for Sale

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“The future of markets at Petrosa hangs in the balance as the highly sought-after land is put up for sale, leaving the anticipated growth and potential of this thriving hub up in the air.”

Plans for a highly anticipated marketplace in the Petrosa Community in northeast Bend may be in jeopardy as the owner of the land, Pahlisch Homes, has listed it for sale. The Markets at Petrosa, which would include retail, restaurants, and a grocery store, was a major attraction for potential homebuyers in the community. However, neighbors in the area are concerned about the sudden change and lack of communication from Pahlisch Homes. The removal of promotional signs for the project last summer raised questions about its cancellation, but Pahlisch Homes confirmed via email that the project is still on. Despite this assurance, a for sale sign has now been put up on the property. Bend City Mayor Melanie Kebler stated that while the land is still zoned for commercial development, the city cannot dictate what kind of commercial project will be built. Compass Commercial is handling the sale of the land and stated that the future developer will have to comply with the city’s commercial code. Neighbors are hoping for more transparency and communication from Pahlisch Homes regarding the future of the marketplace.

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