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Indonesian Rupiah and Malaysian Ringgit Experience Significant Decline, Becoming Major Losers in Asian Currency Markets

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“Currency woes unfold in Southeast Asia as the Indonesian rupiah and Malaysian ringgit struggle to keep up, highlighting the challenges faced by emerging markets amidst global economic uncertainties.”

The table above shows the rates for Asian currencies against the US dollar as of 0209 GMT on October 23, according to Reuters. Here are some of the latest bids, previous day rates, and percentage moves for select currencies:

– Japan yen: 149.880 (latest bid), 149.84 (previous day), -0.03% (percentage move)
– Sing dlr: 1.372 (latest bid), 1.372 (previous day), -0.01% (percentage move)
– Taiwan dlr: 32.343 (latest bid), 32.32 (previous day), -0.07% (percentage move)
– Korean won: 1351.900 (latest bid), 1352.4 (previous day), +0.04% (percentage move)
– Baht: No data available
– Peso: 56.805 (latest bid), 56.755 (previous day), -0.09% (percentage move)

These are just a few examples, and the table includes more currencies like the Rupiah, Rupee, Ringgit, and Yuan. The table also includes the percentage moves for these currencies since the start of 2023, comparing the latest bid to the end of 2022.

For a visual representation of world FX rates, you can refer to the graphic provided in the article. Additionally, if you’re interested in Asian stock markets, you can find more information in the link provided.

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