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Hong Kong Government Proposes Measures to Revive Sluggish Property Market in Policy Address

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“Hong Kong’s policy address aims to breathe new life into the property market, paving the way for economic revitalization and offering hope to both investors and homeowners amidst a challenging global landscape.”

In an annual policy statement, Hong Kong is expected to announce lower stamp duties for some property transactions as part of efforts to stabilize the economy. The city has been grappling with mass emigration and economic weakness on the mainland. The property market, a major pillar of the economy, has been significantly impacted, with home prices falling 13% since 2019. Transaction volumes have also shrunk, reflecting weak sentiment. The government is under pressure to roll back cooling measures that aimed to curb speculative activities in one of the world’s priciest markets. While some believe that relaxing stamp duty measures may bring stability and restore confidence among potential buyers, property prices are expected to continue fluctuating for a while.

In addition to addressing the property market, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee also emphasized the need to stimulate the economy and improve people’s livelihoods. The city is expected to offer cash incentives for childbirth as it faces falling birth rates and a demographic challenge. Measures to attract top international talent to the city have had some success, but applicants have been mostly from mainland China.

Furthermore, maintaining a tight national security grip will be a priority for the government. Despite attempts to restore the city’s international reputation and attract more capital, further security legislation, including anti-espionage laws, are expected to be enacted in the near term. This ongoing national security clampdown has drawn criticism from Western governments and has resulted in the imprisonment of opposition democrats and the closure of liberal media outlets.

Overall, the annual policy statement in Hong Kong is expected to address the challenges facing the economy, particularly in the property market, and emphasize the importance of national security. The government aims to stimulate economic growth, attract talent, and address falling birth rates. It remains to be seen how these measures will impact the city’s recovery and long-term stability.

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