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Holley Takes a Strategic Approach with New Market Segmentation Strategy

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“Holley’s innovative approach to market segmentation not only caters to the diverse needs of consumers but also revolutionizes the way businesses can tap into untapped customer segments, creating exciting opportunities for growth and success.”

Holley Inc. has recently announced a reorganization that aims to drive growth across its diverse brand and business range. The company’s new strategy involves dividing the organization into seven specific market segments, with a focus on enhancing its service to the classic vehicle market and increasing its emphasis on aftermarket solutions for recent vehicle models.

Matthew Stevenson, Holley’s president and CEO, stated, “Our goal is to continually enhance our customer-centric approach and derive the best from our extensive portfolio of aftermarket items and brands. The revised organizational structure will enhance our engagement with customers in every segment, ensuring we provide a balanced combination of innovative products and services that address evolving consumer requirements.”

The seven vertical markets that Holley will concentrate on include classic truck, modern truck, classic muscle, modern muscle, Euro and Tesla, Asian import, and off-road and UTV. Each segment will have its own dedicated team that will collaborate with Holley’s business divisions to curate a broad product range tailored to the specific needs of each segment’s consumers.

In line with this organizational shift, Holley has appointed Sean Crawford as the chief product officer, a newly created role within the company. Crawford will oversee the company’s new vertical market segments, including guiding product strategy, setting pricing, channel strategy, and managing product data.

Crawford joined Holley in March 2020 as the CMO and brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Prior to his tenure at Holley, he served as the president of JE Pistons and held significant roles at Race Winning Brands and Performance Motorsports International. Crawford completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Concordia University in Irvine, California.

This reorganization and the appointment of Sean Crawford demonstrate Holley’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range of aftermarket solutions tailored to the needs of different market segments. By focusing on customer-centricity and innovation, Holley aims to meet the evolving requirements of its consumers and continue its growth in the industry.

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