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Gulf markets show caution ahead of OPEC+ meeting, Saudi Arabia sees gains

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The Dubai Financial Market reflects a cautious mood among Gulf stock markets as oil prices continue to fluctuate. The upcoming OPEC+ meeting to discuss production targets has left investors wary, with oil prices currently trading at $81.59 a barrel.

In early trade, most Gulf stock markets saw a decline, with the Abu Dhabi and Dubai benchmark stock indices dropping 0.5% and 0.1% respectively. Key players like Multiply, National Marine Dredging, Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corp, and Aramex experienced notable declines.

In Qatar, the benchmark index also saw a 0.1% drop, with Qatar Commercial Bank and Dukhan Bank both experiencing declines. However, the Saudi Arabia stock index showed a slight uptick, driven by gains in sectors such as telecommunication and pipes.

Overall, the Gulf stock markets remain sensitive to the volatility in oil prices and the impending OPEC+ meeting, highlighting the interdependence between the financial markets and the oil industry. It is advisable for investors to proceed with caution until there is more clarity on future production targets.

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