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George Pickens’ Stock Soars in 2023: A Promising WR to Watch

George, Pickens, Promising, Soars, Stock, Watch

Stock Evaluation: WR George Pickens

  • Player: WR George Pickens
  • Stock Value: Up

Reasoning: The second-year wide receiver has shown great potential during training camp and the preseason, making impressive catches and demonstrating his skills. He is expected to make significant progress in his second year and has expressed a desire to be more composed on the field.

The Start of the Kenny Pickett Era

Today marks the beginning of the Kenny Pickett era for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pickett, the team’s new quarterback, will be joined by George Pickens, who is expected to be his number one receiver. Both players were drafted in the top two rounds last year and are on a similar developmental path.

Season Opener Against the San Francisco 49ers

The Steelers will face the San Francisco 49ers in their season opener. The 49ers have a strong defense but have shown vulnerability to explosive passing plays in the past. Pickens, with his skills and abilities, has the potential to exploit the 49ers’ defense, particularly cornerbacks Charvarius Ward and Deommodore Lenoir.

Challenges for the Steelers’ Offensive Line

One challenge for the Steelers will be their offensive line against the 49ers’ formidable front seven, which includes former Steelers player Javon Hargrave. The offensive line needs to hold up against the pressure to give Pickett and Pickens the opportunity to make plays.

A Diverse Route Tree for Pickens

The Steelers plan to utilize Pickens in a more diverse route tree, including timing routes that allow Pickett to quickly get the ball to him. While deep shots will still be part of the game plan, the focus will be on a balanced offensive effort.

Scoring Touchdowns Against the 49ers

The 49ers had a strong defense last year, allowing only 20 passing touchdowns, which was among the fewest in the league. Pickens had four touchdowns last year, leading the team. However, with his expanded route tree and emphasis on run after the catch, the Steelers hope to find ways to get Pickens into scoring positions.

Building an Offense Around Pickens

The Steelers aim to build an offense that thrives on run after the catch, similar to the 49ers’ offensive style. With weapons like Pickens and Diontae Johnson, the team has the potential to create explosive plays and put points on the board.

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