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Disney Stock Hits 5-Year Low, Investors Concerned About Future Prospects

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Disney Stock Closes at Lowest Level Since 2015

By Robbie Whelan, Reporter

Disney stock dropped below $80 early Thursday, finishing just above that level to mark its lowest close almost a decade.

Breaching $80 caught investors’ attention

Given the strength of the company’s theme parks business, Disney’s drop below $80 caught the attention of investors. This is significant because the theme parks business has been a major driver of Disney’s success in recent years.

Shares finish down 0.5% at $80.57

The shares finished today down 0.5% at $80.57, which represented its lowest close since May 16, 2014. This indicates a downward trend in the stock’s performance.

Key points:

  • Disney stock drops below $80
  • Lowest close in almost a decade
  • Investors concerned about the strength of the theme parks business
  • Shares finish down 0.5% at $80.57
  • Lowest close since May 16, 2014

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