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Catastrophe Bond Market Poised for Record-breaking Surge in Issuance as Risks Increase

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“The Catastrophe Bond market is gearing up for an unprecedented surge in issuance, as investors recognize the growing need for innovative risk transfer solutions in a rapidly changing climate landscape.”

The market for catastrophe bonds is experiencing significant growth, with the World Bank planning to increase its offering to $5 billion over the next five years. This expansion comes as cat bonds continue to outperform other debt markets, with returns of about 17% this year. These bonds reward investors for taking on insurance-market risk, which is increasing due to the rise in extreme weather events.

The World Bank aims to expand the range of natural disasters covered by cat bonds beyond hurricanes, pandemics, and earthquakes to include physical disasters like floods and droughts. This is crucial as there is currently insufficient insurance coverage to deal with potential losses from natural catastrophes, particularly in vulnerable regions.

Investors in cat bonds receive payouts when specific disaster conditions are met, such as during a hurricane. While historically, most cat bonds have not triggered payouts, a few have required investors to cover damages. Despite this risk, cat bonds offer portfolio diversification and are attractive for investors seeking to fulfill environmental, social, and governance mandates.

The World Bank’s recent bond deal for earthquake protection in Chile drew investors with a 1% loss risk and a 4.75% risk premium, which is 60% higher than the historical average. This highlights the increasing cost of insuring against natural disasters.

Going forward, cat bond issuers may need to increase their premiums to entice investors to take on risks associated with floods and wildfires. However, this could complicate future issuances as governments may be reluctant to meet higher premium payments.

Overall, the growth of the cat bond market presents an opportunity to provide financial assistance to developing countries and protect vulnerable nations from the impacts of climate change.

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