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Badgers vs. Washington State: A Comprehensive Stock Up, Stock Down Analysis of the 1st Half

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The Wisconsin Badgers Struggle in First Half Against Buffalo Bulls

Stock Up

QB Tanner Mordecai

  • Tanner Mordecai has shown some promise with solid throws and pocket presence.
  • However, he made some crucial mistakes that hurt his stock, including a loss on a scramble and two strip-sack fumbles.
  • Overall, Mordecai’s performance has been decent, but there is room for improvement.

WR Chimere Dike

  • Chimere Dike has been a consistent performer for the Badgers, leading the team with 66 receiving yards.
  • His partnership with Will Pauling has been a positive sign for the Badgers’ wide receiver group.

Stock Down


  • Jack Nelson, the offensive lineman, has struggled throughout the game, getting beaten by Ron Stone Jr. multiple times.
  • The Badgers’ running game has also suffered, with minimal yardage gained due to the offensive line’s lack of traction.
  • Washington State’s defensive line has dominated the Badgers, resulting in three sacks in the first half.


  • Head coach Luke Fickell and the coaching staff have been outperformed by Jake Dickert’s staff.
  • The Badgers were not prepared mentally or physically, leading to missed assignments, busted plays, and penalties.
  • The defense struggled against Washington State’s up-tempo offense, and the team underestimated their opponent.

Overall, the Wisconsin Badgers have had a challenging first half against the Buffalo Bulls. While some players have shown promise, there are areas that need improvement, especially in the offensive line and coaching. The Badgers will need to make adjustments in the second half to turn the game around.

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