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Tech’s Momentous Week: Unveiling the iPhone 15, Google’s Trial, and Arm’s IPO

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Three Major Tech Events to Watch Out For


Brace yourself. This coming week, the tech sector is headed for a Grade A harmonic convergence, with three major pieces of news aligning in a way that could shift the dynamics of the technology sector in dramatic and unanticipated ways.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Launch

Within the span of a few days, Apple will launch an updated iPhone; the Department of Justice will finally bring its three-year-old antitrust case against Google to trial; and the U.K.-based chip design firm Arm Holdings will likely go public.

Potential Payoffs and Risks

Each event carries potential payoffs for investors, along with big risks.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Launch

  • On Tuesday, Apple will hold its annual fall launch event, dubbed “Wonderlust” this year.
  • The event will almost certainly be focused on the debut of the iPhone 15.
  • No major iPhone overhaul is expected, but there will be updated processors, improved cameras, and a few other tweaks.
  • Prices are expected to increase from iPhone 14 levels.
  • Bulls anticipate a boost to iPhone sales from customers replacing older phones.
  • But there are concerns about consumer spending and competition in China.

Arm Holdings IPO

  • SoftBank Group bought the chip design firm Arm Holdings in 2016 for $32 billion.
  • Arm Holdings is expected to go public with an IPO pricing on Wednesday night.
  • Arm’s China exposure and valuation hopes are potential risks for investors.
  • Arm is a crucial player in the global chip market, but a weak IPO showing could impact other tech companies.

Google Antitrust Case

  • The Department of Justice sued Google three years ago for its alleged monopoly in the internet search market.
  • The trial begins on Tuesday and will examine Google’s anticompetitive tactics.
  • One key issue is Google’s position as a search provider to Apple, which could potentially change the dynamics of the search engine market.
  • The court may also mandate an end to the exclusive relationship between Apple and Google, leading Apple to develop its own search engine.

These three major tech events will shape the future of the technology sector and have significant implications for investors. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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