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Nvidia Stock Struggles with Prolonged Slump in 2022 – Uncovering the Reasons Behind its Recent Downturn

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Why Nvidia Stock is Dropping in Premarket Trading


Nvidia stock is dropping in premarket trading on Tuesday, set for a fifth day of declines that, if realized, would mark the longest losing streak for the shares since last December.

Factors Weighing on the Shares

  • Investors taking profits after the stock’s record closing high in August
  • Bond yields moving higher, dampening demand for high-growth stocks
  • Worries over China’s ban on iPhones and U.S.-China tensions
  • Insiders selling stock, adding sell pressure

Optimism for Nvidia Stock

Despite the short-term declines, there are still reasons to be optimistic on Nvidia stock:

  • The stock has rallied an impressive 209% so far in 2023
  • The shares have an average rating of Buy among analysts surveyed by FactSet
  • Consensus target price on the stock is nearly $650, implying upside of 44% from current levels


A series of short-term declines in Nvidia’s stock price shouldn’t change the bigger picture.


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