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Meet the 29-Year-Old Accountant Whose Resentment Soared After Firm’s Salary Boost from $60k to $90k, Now Thriving with Her Own Successful Venture

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Stephanie Heredia’s Promotion: When Resentment Leads to Success

Promotion Delayed and Compensation Reduced

Stephanie Heredia, a 29-year-old accountant, was promised a salary increase from $60,000 to $100,000 after one year at her job. However, at the last minute, the timeline changed to two years and her eventual salary became $90,000, plus commissions.

Despite her increased responsibilities, which included opening a new unit in Puerto Rico and generating an additional $2 million annually for the firm, Heredia found it difficult to ask for a raise.

She was earning $90,000 while bringing in sales over $300,000 and managing all the work of her clients and the firm. Frustrated, she decided she couldn’t keep building someone else’s dream.

The Stress of Management Positions

A recent study by payroll processor ADP revealed that workers who are promoted into management positions are more likely to leave their employer compared to those who don’t get promoted.

Gallup also found that managers are more likely to experience burnout or disengagement compared to workers overall.

According to Gallup’s poll, nearly two-thirds of managers reported an increase in job responsibilities, while 42% said their budgets had been cut. As a result, a majority of managers are currently looking for new jobs.

Heredia’s Decision to Leave and Start Her Own Firm

After realizing that she was burning out, Stephanie Heredia made the decision to leave her job. However, it was right after she made this decision that she was offered a promotion to partner, along with a stake in the firm.

Although her total salary would increase to $120,000, she would no longer be eligible for commissions, resulting in a pay cut. Exhausted and hoping to undo her resentment, Heredia accepted the offer.

Starting a New Chapter

Unfortunately, accepting the promotion did not alleviate Heredia’s resentment. Six months later, she started her own accounting firm, Taxes Tampa. Today, she insists that she has never felt better.

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