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Exploring the Impact of Apple iPhone 15 Deals on Wireless Stocks: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Wireless Carriers Offering Promotions for Apple’s iPhone 15


Wireless carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are taking orders for Apple’s iPhone 15 ahead of the device’s Friday release. There are “very rich” promotions available for consumers, according to analysts at Moffett Nathanson.

iPhone Promotions

MoffettNathanson founder Craig Moffett wrote in a Monday note that this year’s iPhone promotions are the richest ever. The three biggest carriers are offering free iPhone 15 Pro devices or up to $1,000 off, though discounts vary by provider and customer type.

Carrier Ratings and Targets

MoffettNathanson has Market Perform ratings on the three biggest wireless carriers. Their price target for AT&T is $17, for Verizon is $40, and for T-Mobile is $172.

Promotional Values

Using data from mobile phone price data firm Navi, Moffett notes that average promotional values are similar to last year. One notable difference is AT&T is offering higher promotional values overall for both new customers and existing ones upgrading their device than last year. Verizon’s promotional values are higher for those switching to Verizon, but are down for upgraders.

Cable Firms’ Deals

Cable firms with wireless businesses like Charter and Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile are also offering deals, although they are not as good as the ones offered by the big three carriers.

Impact on the Market

Citi Research analyst Michael Rollins wrote Monday he doesn’t expect the promotions to disrupt the historical iPhone launch season or recent behavior in the market.


Overall, this year’s iPhone promotions are aggressive but similar to last year. Cable firms are offering smaller discounts compared to the big three carriers. The promotions are not expected to have a significant impact on the market.

By Connor Smith

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