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Triple Lock Dilemma: State Pensions May See Lower-than-anticipated Increase in the Coming Year – BBC

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Triple lock: State pensions could go up less than expected next year


The state pension triple lock, which guarantees an annual increase in pensions by the highest of inflation, average earnings, or 2.5%, could result in a lower increase than expected next year.

Ministers considering cost-cutting measures

Ministers are considering ways to reduce the cost of the triple lock pension increase. This is due to concerns that the current economic situation may make it difficult to sustain the current level of increase.

Impact on Treasury and Bank of England

The higher pay resulting from the triple lock increase could pose challenges for the Treasury and the Bank of England. It may lead to increased pressure on public finances and monetary policy.

Outdated triple lock

Experts argue that the state pension triple lock is outdated and needs to be revised. They suggest that it is based on a formula that is no longer suitable for the current economic climate.

Hunt faces additional costs

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is facing an extra £2 billion bill for increasing the UK state pension. This highlights the financial burden that the triple lock can place on the government.


The state pension triple lock has been a topic of debate due to its potential impact on public finances. While it provides security for pensioners, there are concerns about its sustainability and cost. The government is exploring options to address these concerns and ensure the long-term viability of the state pension system.

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