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Renowned Attorney Craig Emanuel Announces Retirement from Paul Hastings after Stellar Career

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Veteran Hollywood Attorney Craig Emanuel Retires from Paul Hastings

Veteran Hollywood Attorney Craig Emanuel Retires from Paul Hastings


Veteran Hollywood attorney Craig Emanuel has retired from law firm Paul Hastings after more than 40 years as an entertainment legal eagle. Emanuel will turn his focus to serving as an advisor to longtime client Ryan Murphy.

Emanuel Honored by Variety

Emanuel was saluted in April by Variety as the 2023 Power of Law honoree, paying tribute to his long history as a respected representative who has long been active in anti-racism initiatives and fighting antisemitism.

Emanuel’s Decision

“While the decision to leave my clients and Paul Hastings has not been an easy one, knowing they are in such great hands with my colleagues has helped make the transition an easier one,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel’s Clients

  • Ryan Murphy
  • Robert Rodriguez
  • Tony Gilroy
  • Paul Hogan

Paul Hastings’ Statement

“After practicing as an attorney for more than 42 years, Craig Emanuel, longtime partner and former global chair of the Entertainment and Media group at Paul Hastings, is retiring from our firm to work as an advisor to his long-time client, Ryan Murphy,” Paul Hastings said. “We are excited for Craig and look forward to continuing to work with Craig’s clients, including an ongoing relationship with him and Ryan in this new capacity.”

Emanuel’s Deep Connections with Clients

Emanuel is known for having long relationships with clients such as Murphy and Rodriguez. Emanuel told Variety in April that it’s important for lawyers to have deep connections with clients to understand their long-term hopes and dreams.

“I think you have to lead from strength as to who you are,” Emanuel said.

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