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Orion Appoints Natalie Wolfsen as CEO, Replacing Eric Clarke, in a Remarkable Two-Step; AssetMark Simultaneously Appoints Michael Kim as Successor

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Pete Giza

September 9, 2023 — 3:09 AM

Since we’re reflecting here I’d just like to say it’s just plain weird and a bit lonely without Eric somewhere out there in front of the crowd. I’ve known Eric since 2006 and worked with and for him on various projects. A few things I have always been at awe with – his boundless energy and his commitment to prospects and clients. I’ve watched Eric grow Orion from a small service provider to the juggernaut it’s become under his watch as its founder and commander and chief. I offer my best wishes to the next generation of Orion leadership. But my profoundest respect and admiration go to Eric as one of our industry’s most loved personalities and leaders.


Pete Giza | Spitbrook Associates

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