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Opto Investments Unveils Custom Funds Capabilities, Empowering Investors with Tailored Investment Solutions

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Opto Investments Introduces New Custom Fund Capabilities

Opto Investments, a platform aimed at providing wealth managers access to private market investments, has introduced new custom fund capabilities. RIAs are now able to create white-label fund strategies including private credit, equity, real estate, venture capital, and infrastructure investments for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients.

About Opto Investments

Opto Investments was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale and came out of stealth mode in September 2022. The company also announced $145 million in Series A funding. Currently, around 170 RIA firms are using the Opto Investments software.

Privileged Access and Customization

Privileged access to deals is central to the value of Opto’s platform. The company leverages its connections with investment managers to access deals and takes a stake in the investments it sources. This allows Opto to offer investors unique access to exclusive funds and customize the holdings to the needs of the investor.

According to William Trout, director of wealth management for Javelin Strategy and Research, Opto is breaking the mold by delivering both exclusivity and customization to RIAs and investors. However, Trout questions the scalability of this model.

Opto’s Scale and Efficiency

Opto CEO Ryan VanGorder emphasizes that Opto prides itself on being a software and technology company with a substantial amount of scale. The company aims to add efficiency for advisors to operate at the level of scale they choose. VanGorder believes in the technology that Opto has created.

Opportunities in the RIA Space

Wally Okby, strategic advisor for wealth management for Datos Insights, sees immediate lucrative opportunities for Opto in the RIA space. Okby suggests that Opto can focus on RIAs as a massive, largely untapped, and fragmented market.

ShoreHaven Wealth Partners’ Experience with Opto

ShoreHaven Wealth Partners, a firm founded in July 2020 with around $400 million in assets under management, has begun working with Opto. The firm has created a custom fund with Opto, which will be the first direct private investments they offer to clients. ShoreHaven believes it’s important to provide direct private exposure to clients, and Opto solves many challenges related to access and operational difficulties.

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