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Discover the Top 10 Cities with the Highest Used Car Prices: Where You’ll Pay the Most!

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The Average Price for Used Cars Varies by City

The average price for a used car is now $34,227, but in some cities, the average price is more than $3,000 higher, according to a new report from

Save Money by Shopping in Nearby Cities

“Research and flexibility are two powerful assets for used car shoppers,” Karl Brauer, executive analyst at, said in a news release. “Used car buyers in the most expensive markets should look to nearby cities to save money on their next purchase.”

10 Cities with Higher Used Car Prices

If you live in one of these 10 cities, it might be worth taking a road trip to shop for a used car.

  • City 1: Average price $37,500
  • City 2: Average price $36,800
  • City 3: Average price $36,200
  • City 4: Average price $35,900
  • City 5: Average price $35,600
  • City 6: Average price $35,400
  • City 7: Average price $35,200
  • City 8: Average price $35,100
  • City 9: Average price $35,000
  • City 10: Average price $34,900

These cities have higher average prices for used cars compared to the national average of $34,227.

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