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Contemplating a Change in Will: Deciding to Leave My $3 Million Home to One Son – Seeking Opinions and Advice

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A Mother’s Decision Sparks Outrage: Leaving $3 Million Home to Son

A Mother’s Decision to Leave Her $3 Million Home to Her Son Sparks Outrage

A mother’s decision to leave her $3 million home to her son has sparked outrage within the family and on the internet, leaving her worried she’s making a huge mistake.

The Dilemma

The bewildered woman, who declined to reveal her identity or location, shared her domestic dilemma in a popular Reddit group called “Am I The A – – hole.” She asked for feedback on whether she was wrong for leaving only the house to one child.

The House

The house has been in the family for generations and is located on an estate with a few hundred acres of land. The building itself is mostly original and a couple of hundred years old. Its most recent appraisal was a bit over $3 million.

The Sons

The woman has two adult sons who both own their own homes and are financially stable. The older son, who is married without children, lives nearby. The younger son, who is married with two children, lives a five-hour drive away.

The Decision

The woman and her husband initially planned to split the house and all of their liquid assets evenly between their sons. However, the younger son revealed that he had no plans to move back to the area with his family, which disappointed the mother. As a result, they decided to alter their will, leaving the older son the $3 million home and giving the younger son all of their liquid assets, which total around $2 million.

The Catch

There is a catch to the decision. The house cannot be sold by either son. Previous owners made a deal with the town to pay less in property taxes in exchange for the surrounding acreage being public trails. The house also has a provision that it cannot be sold publicly. If the family no longer wants the property, the town will buy it for its land value.

The Backlash

The oldest son was upset about the decision and began making vague threats about abandoning his parents when they get older. The story gained attention online, with thousands of responses criticizing the mother’s decision.

Reddit Responses

The majority of Reddit users believed that the mother had been unfair to her oldest son by leaving him the house. They suggested that she should sell the house and split the assets equally between her sons.


Some users advised the woman to alter her will again to make everything even with her sons and to stop making important decisions based on her feelings. They recommended selling the land back to the town if neither son wants the house.

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