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COLA Social Security 2023 Updates: Get Ready for the First Round of $4,555 – Check the Full Schedule and Prepare for Automatic Deposits in Just Days!

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Some workers are not eligible for benefits

Some workers are not eligible for benefits

To collect Social Security benefits, you must have met the minimum requirement of performing “enough work”.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines “enough work” as earning 40 Social Security credits.

In 2022, an individual will earn one Social Security credit for every $1,510 in covered earnings.

You can only get a maximum of four Social Security credits each year, and you must earn $6,040 to get the maximum of four credits.

Therefore, to earn 40 credits you must work for at least 10 years.

You are able to earn more than 40 credits. However, 40 credits is the minimum number you need to be eligible for Social Security benefits.

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