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Charlie Kirk Urges Social Security Cuts, Citing Biblical Concerns and Disapproval of Retirement

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Should Social Security and Medicare be Touched?

From the September 19, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group’s The Charlie Kirk Show


In a recent episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, host Charlie Kirk discussed the topic of Social Security and Medicare. He expressed his views on the current system and proposed some changes for the future.

Current Beneficiaries

  • Current beneficiaries of Social Security and Medicare should not have their obligations touched.
  • Those who are already receiving these benefits have earned them and should continue to receive them.

Opting Out of Social Security Payments

Kirk believes that individuals should have the option to opt out of Social Security payments if they choose to do so. He argues that people can invest their money more effectively than the federal government.

The Reality of Social Security Payments

Kirk points out that the federal government does not save individuals’ Social Security payments for their future use. Instead, the government uses the payments it receives from current workers to pay retirees. The ratio of retirees to workers has significantly decreased over the years.

Future of Social Security

Kirk, who is 29 years old, suggests that future generations may receive minimal Social Security benefits in order to balance the budget. He acknowledges that this idea may not be well-received for those currently in their fifties, as they heavily rely on these benefits.

Raising the Retirement Age

Kirk believes that the retirement age should be raised for future retirees under the age of 45. He argues that retirement is not biblical and that individuals should continue to contribute to society in some capacity, such as through part-time work, volunteering, or mentoring.

Challenging the Idea of Retirement

Kirk challenges the notion of retirement and encourages senior citizens to continue using their talents and wisdom to benefit others. He believes that there is a lot of untapped potential in the older generation that can be utilized to mentor and guide younger individuals.

Reallocating Funds

Kirk questions the fairness of taking money from young families in their twenties and thirties, who may need it the most, and giving it to those who may need it the least.

Overall, Kirk presents his thoughts on Social Security and Medicare, emphasizing the need for changes in the system to ensure its sustainability and fairness.

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