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Surviving the Unexpected: Houston Family’s Harrowing Experience in Morocco Earthquake – KPRC 2 Click2Houston

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‘I thought it was going to be the end’: Houston family recounts Morocco earthquake

By KPRC 2 Click2Houston

On a recent trip to Morocco, a Houston family experienced a terrifying earthquake that left them fearing for their lives. The family, who were visiting the country for vacation, never expected to encounter such a disaster. They recount their harrowing experience and how they managed to survive.

Earthquake Strikes Morocco

  • Morocco was hit by a powerful earthquake that caused widespread destruction.
  • The earthquake struck with little warning, catching many people off guard.
  • Buildings collapsed, roads were destroyed, and chaos ensued.

A Family’s Nightmare

The Houston family was enjoying their vacation in Morocco when the earthquake struck. They were in their hotel room when the ground started shaking violently. The family immediately knew something was wrong and feared for their lives.

They quickly gathered their belongings and rushed out of the hotel, joining the panicked crowd in the streets. The scene was chaotic, with people screaming and buildings crumbling around them. The family held onto each other tightly, praying for their safety.

A Miraculous Escape

Despite the chaos and danger, the Houston family managed to escape the earthquake with only minor injuries. They credit their survival to their quick thinking and the support of the local community.

After the initial shock subsided, the family found shelter in a nearby makeshift camp set up by volunteers. They received medical attention and assistance in contacting their loved ones back in Houston to let them know they were safe.

Reducing the Risk of Disease

By Al Jazeera English

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the risk of disease outbreaks becomes a major concern. To prevent the spread of diseases, it is crucial to take certain measures:

  • Ensure access to clean water and sanitation facilities.
  • Promote good hygiene practices, such as handwashing.
  • Provide medical aid and vaccinations to affected individuals.

By implementing these measures, Morocco can reduce the risk of disease and protect the health of its population in the wake of the earthquake.

Choosing Between Loved Ones


In times of crisis, difficult decisions often have to be made. One family in Morocco faced an unimaginable choice during the earthquake:

A mother had to choose between saving her parents, who were trapped under the rubble, or her young son who was in immediate danger. It was a heart-wrenching decision that no parent should ever have to make.

In the end, the mother managed to save both her parents and her son, but the emotional toll of the experience will stay with them forever.

Earthquakes can force people into impossible situations, testing their strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Rescuers Race To Find Survivors in Morocco Earthquake

By Insider News

Rescue teams from around the world have joined forces to search for survivors in the aftermath of the Morocco earthquake. Their mission is to:

  • Locate and extract survivors trapped under collapsed buildings.
  • Provide medical assistance to those in need.
  • Coordinate efforts to ensure an efficient and effective rescue operation.

The rescuers are working tirelessly, risking their own lives to save others. Their dedication and bravery are commendable.

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