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President Biden’s Decision to Allow Saudi Arabia to ‘Rip Us Off’ Raises Concerns, OPEC’s Actions Threaten Every American – Stansberry Research Analyzes the Impact

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Pres. Biden Allowing Saudi Arabia to “Rip Us Off”, OPEC to Stick It to Every American

Stansberry Research

In a recent development, President Biden has faced criticism for allowing Saudi Arabia to take advantage of the United States and for OPEC’s actions that negatively impact every American. This decision has sparked a heated debate and raised concerns about the future of energy costs and the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Top WH Energy Adviser’s Prediction Comes Back to Haunt as Gas, Oil Prices Skyrocket

Fox News

The prediction made by a top White House energy adviser has come back to haunt as gas and oil prices continue to skyrocket. This has put a strain on American consumers and businesses, leading to increased expenses and inflation. The consequences of this prediction are now being felt across the nation.

Biden Says He’ll Focus on Cutting Energy Costs


President Biden has announced his commitment to focus on cutting energy costs. With rising gas and oil prices, the administration aims to find solutions that will alleviate the burden on American households and businesses. This initiative is expected to address the concerns raised by the public regarding the impact of high energy costs on their daily lives.

Actually, NYT, the Problem with High Gas Prices Is That Gas Prices Are High

National Review

A recent article in The New York Times (NYT) attempted to downplay the issue of high gas prices. However, the reality is that gas prices are indeed high, and this poses a significant problem for consumers and the economy. The article’s perspective fails to acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals and businesses due to these soaring costs.

U.S. on Pace for Record Oil Production Despite Biden’s Green Agenda Frustrating the Energy Industry

Washington Times

Despite President Biden’s green agenda, the United States is on track to achieve record oil production. This contradicts the narrative that the administration’s policies are hindering the energy industry. The industry continues to thrive, demonstrating its resilience and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

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