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China’s Xi Commits to Market Opening, on Own Terms, in a Pledge for Economic Expansion – Bloomberg Television

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China’s Xi Vows to Continue Opening Up Market, on Own Terms


Chinese President Xi Jinping has reiterated his commitment to opening up the market, but on China’s own terms. This move comes as China aims to boost cross-border trade and investment.

China’s Confidence in Services Trade

The recent services trade fair in China has demonstrated the country’s confidence and defied the smear campaign by the West. This fair showcased China’s determination to expand its service sector and attract international trade.

Boosting Cross-Border Trade and Investment

President Xi Jinping has vowed to open up the service sector to further boost cross-border trade and investment. This move aims to enhance China’s global trade relations and attract more foreign investment.

China’s Commitment to High-Level Opening Up

President Xi has reaffirmed China’s commitment to high-level opening up. This commitment reflects China’s determination to create a favorable environment for international trade and investment.

Service Trade as a Rising Component of Global Trade

Service trade is becoming an increasingly important component of global trade. China recognizes this trend and is actively working to strengthen its service sector to contribute more to the global economy.


China’s President Xi Jinping’s commitment to opening up the market and boosting cross-border trade and investment reflects the country’s determination to play a significant role in the global economy. China’s focus on its service sector demonstrates its confidence and determination to attract international trade and investment.

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