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Amitabh Kant: Unleashing Ambition through Proactive Presidential Action

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India’s G20 Presidency: A Landmark Achievement

India’s G20 presidency has been the most ambitious in history, with 112 outcomes and presidency documents, according to G20 sherpa Amitabh Kant. In an interview, he highlighted the significant achievements and the impact of India’s leadership. Here are the key points:

Has India delivered on its ambitious agenda and raised the bar for others?

India’s G20 presidency has been one of the most ambitious in history, with over 112 outcomes and presidency documents. This is 2-5 times more than previous presidencies. India has successfully delivered on issues of global importance, such as sustainable development goals, climate action, growth, technological transformation, and women-led development. With 83 paragraphs agreed to by 100% consensus, India has matched ambition with action during its presidency.

How did India achieve consensus?

India’s presidency has been ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented from the beginning. The G20 India team put in significant effort to steer conversations with all members. Exceptional support from developing nations and emerging markets played a crucial role. Prime Minister Modi’s clarity of vision became a driving force for consensus during India’s presidency.

What are the big gains for India?

India has been able to push its domestic initiatives and successes through its cross-cutting G20 priorities and outcomes. This has allowed India to showcase its narrative with full consensus among all G20 countries, invitee countries, and international organizations. Some of the key gains include:

  • LiFE – democratising climate action through individual lifestyle changes
  • Millets – Shree Anna, global recognition for this climate smart superfood
  • Women-led development – shifting the narrative to development led by women
  • Digital public Infrastructure – powering development through technology

India has also made significant diplomatic gains by garnering consensus in geopolitically turbulent times, showcasing its leadership and global stature.

Concerns about the para on Ukraine war

There are concerns that the language on the Ukraine war has been diluted compared to the Bali Declaration. However, India’s position is clear – the G20 exists for international economic cooperation. The war in Ukraine has impacted the global economy, and India acknowledges its effects on food and energy security, supply chains, stability, inflation, and growth. India reaffirms the importance of acting in accordance with the UN Charter and refraining from the threat or use of force for territorial acquisition. The use or threat of nuclear weapons is inadmissible. India welcomes initiatives that support a comprehensive, just, and durable peace in Ukraine.

Impact of the absence of Russian and Chinese presidents

Both Russia and China actively participated in the G20 summit, including the Leaders’ Summit, Sherpa meetings, and working group meetings. Their views were adequately reflected in the Leaders’ Declaration. India had a positive relationship with the Chinese delegation, which helped build consensus on various issues. China’s contributions enriched India’s G20 agenda, highlighting its role as a multilateral player.

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