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Yakoa and Curvegrid Join Forces to Enhance Blockchain Accessibility, Bridging the Gap for All Users

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Yakoa Partners with Curvegrid to Enhance Blockchain Security and Trust

San Jose, CA, Tuesday, August 31st, 2023 — Yakoa, the AI-driven IP protection network, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Curvegrid, a leading blockchain technology company based out of Tokyo, Japan.

Optimizing Accessibility and Security in Web3 Interactions

This collaboration marries two frontrunners in the blockchain ecosystem, both dedicated to optimizing the accessibility and security of Web3 interactions. The partnership’s primary objective is to intensify transparency and foster trust within the blockchain space, ensuring a more robust and reliable user experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Curvegrid, a brand renowned for its groundbreaking blockchain technology solutions. Their commitment to making blockchain more accessible aligns perfectly with our mission at Yakoa. By incorporating our advanced IP protection tools, we look forward to reinforcing the security and trust within the Web3 community.” ~ Andrew Dworschak, CEO and Co-founder at Yakoa

Enhancing Security with State-of-the-Art IP Protection Mechanisms

With this partnership, Yakoa will integrate its state-of-the-art IP protection mechanisms into Curvegrid’s MultiBaas platform. This builds upon MultiBaas’ already robust security, reliability, and transparency, taking user experience to the next level.

Key Integrations

  1. Real-time fraud detection to monitor and mitigate potential threats.
  2. NFT provenance tracking to ensure authenticity and prevent duplication.
  3. IP protection tools to safeguard against unauthorized use of digital assets.
  4. A comprehensive blockchain asset database to fortify security measures.

“We work with a wide range of artists, galleries, marketplaces, and gaming companies all of whom take IP protection very seriously. For both document security and NFTs, IP integrity is a critical requirement we are often asked to address. Now we have the tools to do that. We are delighted to add Yakoa’s capabilities to our platform to help our customers and partners conduct their business with the confidence they deserve.” ~ William Metcalfe, Co-founder at Curvegrid

A Secure Digital Asset Ecosystem

The partnership with Curvegrid amplifies Yakoa’s dedication to building a secure digital asset ecosystem. This collaboration emphasizes how both Yakoa and Curvegrid prioritize their community’s safety and trust, blending security with accessibility.

To learn more about Curvegrid, visit their website and try their NFT platform here.

About Yakoa

Yakoa is the AI-driven IP protection network, pioneering tools that safeguard digital assets and ensure on-chain interactions are secure and transparent. By dismantling fraudulent operations, Yakoa strives to make digital asset markets safer for all participants.

About Curvegrid

Curvegrid is a Tokyo-based blockchain technology company. Its flagship product, MultiBaas, offers an intuitive web UI and REST API that streamlines blockchain development. By supporting multiple blockchain platforms, MultiBaas accelerates development speed, reduces engineering resource requirements, and shortens time-to-market. Curvegrid also provides a plethora of turnkey solutions for blockchain-based financial services, decentralized finance (DeFi), online gaming, document management, logistics, marketplaces, analytics, and more.

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