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Why Coinbase’s Support for Bitcoin Could Have a Huge Impact on Democracy

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Looking for an opinion on Coinbase’s impact on democracy and Bitcoin? Read why some say it would be a game-changer for the future.

Coinbase’s internal policy prohibits employees from discussing unrelated political causes or candidates, but the company continues to endorse candidates who have actively worked to undermine democracy in the US. These endorsements include politicians who voted against the certification of Electoral College results and engaged in ethical issues. Despite this, Coinbase has integrated its “crypto policy efforts” into its app and continued to support political candidates through its Innovation PAC.

The company’s lobbying activities have also targeted bills proposed by these candidates, further highlighting the misalignment between Coinbase’s actions and its internal policies. CEO Brian Armstrong has also shared information about presidential candidates and endorsed views on cryptocurrency taxation, including those of individuals with controversial viewpoints.

In summary, Coinbase can donate to and support candidates who actively seek to undermine the democratic process, while employees are prohibited from discussing this fact. This raises questions about the company’s priorities and whether its mission is truly aligned with democracy.

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