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Web3 Game Pixels Successfully Transitions to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Blockchain, Boosting Performance and Security

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Pixels Moves from Polygon to Ronin Blockchain

Web3 game Pixels is making the switch from Polygon to Ronin Network, the gaming blockchain operated by Sky Mavis. Pixels has been a popular game on Polygon, with over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions.

Key Points:

  • Pixels is leaving Polygon for Ronin Blockchain.
  • Pixels is the number 1 game on Polygon with over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions.
  • Ronin Network is the gaming blockchain operated by Sky Mavis.
  • Polygon’s gaming-dedicated chain with Immutable is currently in testnet, with its mainnet launch scheduled for Q4, 2023.


Pixels is an open-ended world farming and exploration game that has gained popularity on Polygon. It boasts over 100,000 monthly active wallets and 5,000 daily active users.

This announcement comes shortly after the launch of the Immutable zkEVM chain, a joint product of Polygons and Immutable X. The chain is currently in testnet and is set to launch on the mainnet in Q4, 2023.

CEO’s Statement:

Luke Barwikowski, the CEO of Pixels.Online, expressed excitement about partnering with Sky Mavis and migrating to Ronin. He praised Sky Mavis for their proven experience in Web3 gaming and stated that the move to Ronin felt like the next logical step for their journey.

Future Plans:

Polygon’s and Immutable’s gaming dedicated chain, Immutable zkEVM, is scheduled for a mainnet launch in Q4, 2023. This move to Ronin will allow Pixels to leverage the infrastructure and technology offered by Sky Mavis.

Security Concerns:

This move comes after the hacking incident of Axis Infinity, the biggest blockchain game by transactions. The hackers stole over $620 million in ETH and USDC at the time.

Community Benefits:

Aleksander Larsen, COO of Sky Mavis, praised Pixels as the second most popular Web3 game in terms of real users. He stated that the partnership with Pixels will benefit the Ronin community and allow for more social interaction.

Similarities to Polygon:

Ronin is an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain, similar to Polygon. Both Ronin and Polygon’s joint product, Immutable zkEVM, are dedicated to gaming and offer various products and experiences for blockchain games.

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