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Unveiling the Insurance Bill that Will Leave You Sweating: Brace Yourself for a Steep Crypto Punishment and More!

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$622k: How much you’d pay in annual homeowners insurance if you lived on Miami’s tony Star Island

In 2022, that same policy cost $200k; more broadly, insurance rates across Florida have tripled due to mounting climate change-related risks.

11,196: Years in prison a Turkish court handed to Faruk Fatih Özer, founder of the now-defunct crypto exchange Thodex, and his siblings Serap and Guven Özer

In April 2021, Thodex vanished, leaving its 400k+ members without access to their funds while Faruk Özer fled to Albania. Investors lost, well, no one knows — but it’s estimated to be between $13m and $2.6B.

$500m: A pledge from 20+ philanthropy organizations to address news deserts

Since 2005, 2.5k US newspapers have shuttered while voter participation has declined. The Knight Foundation, Meta, and Google have also previously invested in local news efforts.

63: Number of corrective actions the FAA has ordered SpaceX to make following its tumultuous April launch of Starship

The fixes Elon Musk’s team must address include hardware redesign, changes to the launchpad, increased analysis and testing, and other safety updates.

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