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Unveiling the Futuristic World of Robot Dogs and AI: The Ingenious Plan to Recover £165m Crypto Fortune from a Rubbish Dump

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Lost Cryptocurrency: Man Seeks Legal Access to Landfill in Search for £165 Million

Lost Cryptocurrency: Man Seeks Legal Access to Landfill in Search for £165 Million


A man who lost an estimated £165 million of cryptocurrency thrown into a landfill by mistake has unveiled his latest plan to try and get the money back.


In 2013, James Howells accidentally threw away a hard drive containing 8,000 bitcoins, the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Despite his efforts over the past decade, Newport City Council has repeatedly refused to allow him access to the landfill site to search for the device.

New Plan

Now, Howells has retained a legal team who have written to the local authority, asking for legal access to the site. If granted, he plans to use mechanical arms powered by AI to sift through the site and find the hard drive.

The Mistake

The incident occurred when Howells put the hardware from an old laptop in a black bag in his hallway for disposal. His ex-partner, thinking she was doing him a favor, took the bags to the landfill site the next morning.

Past Efforts

After the accidental disposal, Howells assembled a team of environmental health and data recovery experts. The plan involved using AI-operated mechanical arms to sort through the rubbish and manually search for the hard drive.

Stumbling Block

Newport County Council has refused to grant permission to access the landfill site, despite Howells offering to cover all related costs. He has tried to engage with the council in a business-like manner but has been unsuccessful in meeting with their senior leadership.

The Future

If Howells succeeds in recovering his lost millions, he plans to turn Newport into the UK’s first “crypto hub” and gift its residents £50 in bitcoin each. He also wants to establish a blockchain education center and install crypto point of sale devices in all independent stores in Newport.

Legal Action

Howells’ legal team sent a letter to the council on September 6, requesting access to the site. The council has two weeks to respond before the possibility of escalation in the courts.

Council’s Response

Newport City Council has stated that excavation is not possible under their environmental permit and that it would have a negative environmental impact. They have consistently refused to assist Howells in his search for the hard drive.

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