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Unlocking the Potential of Ag Apps: Empowering Farmers with Blockchain Education – Watch our Informative Videos!

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Colorado Department of Agriculture Shares Educational Videos on Blockchain Technology

A press release from the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) stated the department is sharing a series of educational videos that address general questions and concerns about blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology in Agriculture

According to the release, blockchain technology is new in the agriculture realm that is seeing increased usage in the agriculture supply chain. The article adds that blockchain can facilitate the process of recording transactions and tracking assets on a secure, decentralized network, which can provide real-time information about products or ingredients, help with the traceability of information for food safety, and improve transparency and reliability for banking and insurance purposes.

Increasing Market Opportunities

“Blockchain technology is expanding across the food and agriculture industries and Colorado producers are looking for information about how it can increase market opportunities for their goods,” said CDA’s Director of Inspection and Consumer Services Mark Gallegos, in the release. “These videos are a good introduction to the concept of blockchain and how it can help track data along the food supply chain.”

Tracking Products in the Supply Chain

Brent Young Ph.D., the Logan County Regional Extension Specialist, the technology is a way to track products in a supply chain. He said the technology was spoken about a lot before 2020, but since then talks have died down.

Applications in Agriculture and Food Supply Chain

The technology is still new, the release stated, but it can be used in all stages of the agriculture and food supply chain which also includes crop and soil monitoring, warehouse and distribution, and retail and marketing.

Access the Videos

All of the videos can be found at Blockchain for Agriculture.

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