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Unlocking the Potential: A Comprehensive Guide on Effectively Utilizing Your Crypto Assets

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We all as crypto investors usually Dilute our Crypto holding In many parts

Earn, Spot, Future

  • Earn
  • Spot
  • Future

And for the spot holding, the key HODL is used the most of times. But in the time where everybody is trying to make money, is just Hodling enough?

The answer should be NO 🚫

Only holding and waiting for a higher price or only holding stablecoin and waiting for a dip is just like putting your money to rest.

So it would be best to use BINANCE DUAL INVESTMENT 💰

Binance Dual Investment

Binance dual investment is one of the best crypto products out there offering:

  1. High APR ⏫
  2. Wide coin range to invest 🪙
  3. Higher rewards compared to other crypto products. 🎁

Now you would be excited about what exactly Dual investment does?

Dual investment helps to either buy low or sell high. If you want to sell high, you have to put in the amount of crypto asset you want to sell, choose the price, settlement date, and desired APR. You would now earn APR on your holding whether the price reaches the price selected by you or not. That’s cool, right? ⚡️ If the price reaches the selected price, you would get the APR plus the amount you are supposed to get at the selected price in the form of stablecoin that you had selected. If the price doesn’t reach, you would get the asset invested plus the APR in the form of the invested asset.

Dual Investment Example

Example: Suppose I have 1 BTC and want to sell it @27500 against the market price of 25000. Let’s suppose APR @10% and settlement date 5 days afterward.

APR would be $34 approximately (at assumed rate).

Reward: One of the major rewards beside APR reward is if the selling price is met, your realized profit would be $1034 in stablecoin that you have/had selected.

Risk: If the market goes down from the current market price, let’s say it goes to $24000. Then your unrealized loss would be $966.

Same goes for buying low: You select the amount that you want to invest in stablecoin and the asset that you want to purchase. If the price reaches the selected price point, you will get the asset (that you had selected) plus the APR in the form of the asset. And if it stays above, you will get the amount invested plus the APR in the form of stablecoin.

Let’s take an example: Suppose I have $25000 and want to purchase 1 BTC with it against the current market price of $26500. My selected APR is 10% and the date of settlement is 5 days afterwards.

Now, if the price is met till the settlement date, I will get 1 BTC plus APR ($34 at the assumed rate) in the form of BTC.

Reward included: So APR is the reward and also the reward would be if BTC goes up after the purchase point, the amount with which it grows above our selected price would be the reward too.

Suppose BTC touches $26k after purchasing, then our unrealized profit would be $1000 + $34 = $1034 in 5 days only.

Risk: The risk is also there. Suppose BTC goes to even lower points in the meantime, then it would be our loss.

Suppose BTC touches $24k on the settlement date, so at the time of unlocking, your unrealized loss would be $966 approximately.

It’s that easy 😊 Although it has its own risks as explained above, still it’s a tremendous product for:

  1. Hodlers
  2. Miners who want to sell their mined product
  3. High net worth individuals

So what are you waiting for? Go try the Binance Dual Investment nowww 🏃🏾

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