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Unlocking the Future: Explore a Blockchain-Enabled Biometric Patent Portfolio for Sale

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Blockchain-Enabled Multifactor Biometric Verification Patents Available for Acquisition

A wide-ranging patent portfolio covering blockchain-enabled multifactor biometric verification is available to be acquired through Hilco Streambank. The portfolio is touted as a crucial piece for firms offering blockchain-enabled digital ID products and services.

Expansive Technology Applications

Karl Maersch, who leads patent advisory for Hilco Streambank, states that the existing and potential technology applications covered by this portfolio are expansive and will likely touch on most of the digital transactions we engage in moving forward. The patents form the foundation for a burgeoning global blockchain identity management market, projected to grow at an annual CAGR of over 80% in the next five years.

Global Blockchain Identity Management Market Worth $120 Million

According to a report from Emergen Research, the global blockchain identity management market was worth $120 million in 2022.

Verification Addresses and Biometric Identity Verification

The patents describe the use of verification addresses associated with biometrics and other identifiers, including for biometric identity verification.

Available Assets

The available portfolio encompasses two patent families, including eight U.S. granted patents and more than 30 issued and pending patents worldwide. The rights to most of the included technologies are retained until March 2036. The inventor’s tech has U.S. priority dating back to 2016.

Sectors Facing Threats

Hilco Streambank identifies financial services, healthcare, government, supply chain management, and IT as sectors facing threats from unsecured global transactions, which can lead to data breaches and financial losses in the millions.

Interest from Various Stakeholders

Karl Maersch believes the opportunity should be of interest to stakeholders in cybersecurity, blockchain applications, identity management, financial regulatory and compliance, self-sovereign identity, decentralized identity, and other IT and cybersecurity protocols.

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest are due to Hilco Streambank by October 13, 2023.

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