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Unlocking New Possibilities: MetaMask Now Interoperable with Bitcoin for First Time!

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New MetaMask Snaps Functionality Allows for Greater Wallet Customization

New functionality from Consensys, dubbed MetaMask Snaps, will allow customization of MetaMask wallets to a much greater extent than was previously possible.

Interoperability with Other Blockchains

For the first time, MetaMask will be interoperable with other layer-1 blockchains through Snaps.

  • Bitcoin, Solana, Cosmos, layer-2 StarkNet, and more are currently included.

Decentralized App Notifications

Snaps enable notifications for decentralized apps (dapps).

  • Notifications are specific to the various Snaps that the user has installed.
  • Notifications do not require users to share personal information like email addresses or phone numbers.

Transaction Insights and Customization

Snaps also provide transaction insights and allow for the customization of the wallet user experience.

  • Transaction insights can warn users about potential mistakes or scams.
  • Customization options allow users to personalize their wallet experience.

Future Plans for Permissionless Snaps

Consensys plans to make Snaps permissionless in the future.

  • Currently, Consensys must approve the publishing of Snaps.
  • Future systems will allow users, auditors, and respected entities to participate in vetting Snaps.

Updated Sept. 12, 2023 at 10:25 am ET: MetaMask is not interoperable with Filecoin through Snaps.

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