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Unlocking New Possibilities: Cosmos Hub Launches Innovative Liquid Staking Module and Enhanced Dashboard Features

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Cosmos Hub Completes Successful v12 Upgrade with Liquid Staking Module

The Cosmos (ATOM) Hub, a key blockchain within the Cosmos Network, has announced the completion of its v12 upgrade. This upgrade introduces the Liquid Staking Module (LSM), which allows ATOM token holders to bypass the previously mandated 21-day unbonding period for unstaking their assets.

Introduction of Liquid Staking Module (LSM)

The new LSM enables users to directly liquid-stake their already staked #ATOM without waiting for the unbonding period. This innovation aims to enhance the dynamics of the ATOM Economic Zone by integrating staked ATOM seamlessly into the Cosmos decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem without compromising staking returns.

Governance Measures and Security

  • The total amount of ATOM that can be liquid-staked is initially set at 25% of all staked ATOM.
  • This cap is flexible and subject to future changes through governance processes.
  • Validators interested in receiving delegations from liquid staking providers must self-bond a specific quantum of ATOM for heightened security.

Enhanced Dashboard for Cosmos Hub

NumiaData has unveiled an enhanced dashboard for Cosmos Hub just 8 weeks after its initial launch. The updated version, called “Data Lenses v2,” offers features such as monitoring On-chain Transaction Flows, Liquid Staked ATOM, and AEZ APR & Revenue Flow. The dashboard is a result of user feedback and aims to provide a better user experience with improved UI/UX elements. It can be accessed at

Shift from 21-Day Unbonding Period

Prior to the v12 upgrade, ATOM token holders had to undergo a 21-day locking period to transfer their funds post-unstaking. The new upgrade, Gaia 12, eliminates this requirement and became operational on September 12th at 1:00 pm UTC.

This development showcases the evolving nature of the blockchain space and how user feedback can lead to advancements that streamline processes while safeguarding user interests.

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