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TON Token Skyrockets 13% as Telegram Embraces Blockchain’s Web3 Wallet Integration

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The Open Network (TON) Blockchain’s Native Token Surges 12.6% After Telegram’s Endorsement

The Open Network (TON) Blockchain’s native token TON surged 12.6% overnight, per CoinGecko data, after Telegram endorsed the blockchain platform as its choice for Web3 endeavours.

Telegram Integrates TON Web3 Wallet

Telegram’s Chief Investment Officer, John Hyman, along with the TON Blockchain team, announced that the TON Web3 wallet has been officially integrated with Telegram at the Token2049 conference in Singapore on Tuesday.

Price Reaches Three-Month High

The token’s price reached a three-month high of $1.97 after the announcement. TON was last trading at $1.92.

Accessible to All Telegram Users

The wallet is already available as a standalone bot in Telegram and has 3 million registered users. It will now be available to all 800 million users through their settings.

Introduction of TON Space Digital Wallet

The teams also introduced the TON Space digital wallet, making it accessible to Telegram’s vast user base.

Privileged Access to Telegram’s Advertising Platform

Additionally, TON-based projects will have privileged access to Telegram’s advertising platform.

Marketing Campaign with Free TON Token

As part of a marketing campaign, the TON team released a QR code, granting users 1 free TON token valued at $1.92.

Server Issues Temporarily Pause TON Giveaway

However, high demand for this feature led to server issues. The TON Blockchain team tweeted that due to “thousands of people onboarding to the Wallet every second,” the server had experienced difficulties. The team has temporarily paused the TON giveaway via the public QR code on Twitter.

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