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Sui Revolutionizes Web2 Credential Logins with zkLogin, Ensuring Seamless User Experience | CryptoTvplus

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Sui Blockchain Introduces zkLogin: A Game-Changing Solution for User Onboarding


Sui blockchain has introduced zkLogin, an innovative system that enables users to access the Sui ecosystem using their web2 credentials, like Google, Facebook, and Twitch accounts. By simplifying the user onboarding process, this groundbreaking solution has the potential to transform the blockchain landscape.

About Sui Blockchain

Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain launched in May 2023. It is a permissionless, PoS-powered blockchain that aims to provide instant settlement and high throughput while also enabling a wide range of next-generation latency-sensitive decentralized applications. Sui uses Move, a programming language based on Rust, to provide high-speed transactions, instant processing, and scalability. It sets itself apart from earlier blockchain ecosystems by allowing parallel processing of transactions and horizontal scaling, which allows it to maintain low transaction costs.

Why zkLogin

According to Sui, the journey to blockchain adoption has often been marred by the complexities of creating and managing wallets, along with the associated security concerns. For many potential users, this cumbersome process has resulted in onboarding drop-offs, hindering the growth of blockchain-based applications. App developers seeking to ease user onboarding have faced limited options. These are either “developing and managing custodial wallets, which increases engineering and regulatory overhead, or integrating a third-party authentication solution, which introduces an extra layer of dependency and trust in out-of-protocol hardware or services.”

Sui recognized the need for a solution and created zkLogin, a native way to integrate Web2 authentication providers for applications at the protocol level. This tool allows developers to onboard more users into web3 applications that they build.

Benefits of zkLogin

Sui noted that zkLogin is significant for mass adoption, blockchain integration, multi-device support, and enhanced user privacy. The user-friendly login process, which currently supports Google, Facebook, and Twitch, will be expanded to cover more options, broadening access to a wider audience. The key benefits of zkLogin are:

  • Mass adoption: Simplifies the user onboarding process, making it easier for users to access blockchain-based applications.
  • Blockchain integration: Provides a native way to integrate Web2 authentication providers at the protocol level.
  • Multi-device support: Leverages Sui’s crypto capabilities, making it suitable for developing multi-device solutions with biometric authentication.
  • Enhanced user privacy: Prioritizes user privacy by not storing personal information on the blockchain, submitting only zero-knowledge proofs and ephemeral signatures.


Sui’s introduction of zkLogin is a game-changer for user onboarding in the blockchain space. By simplifying the process and leveraging existing web2 credentials, zkLogin has the potential to drive mass adoption and enhance user privacy. With its focus on blockchain integration and multi-device support, zkLogin opens up new possibilities for developers and users alike.

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