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SubnetDAS Introduces Sharding: A Promising Intermediate DAS Approach

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“SubnetDAS: Unleashing the Power of Sharding for Scalability and Flexibility in Data Access Storage”

potentially be compromised. The second security property is what allows clients to trust the information they receive from the network and make informed decisions based on that information.

In terms of global safety, the subnetDAS construction ensures that unavailable data is refuted by all except a small minority of full nodes. This means that the majority of full nodes will reject any attempts to convince them that data is available when it is not. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of the network, especially for rollups built on Ethereum.

Client safety is also a key aspect of the subnetDAS proposal. It ensures that clients cannot be convinced that unavailable data is available, except with negligible probability. This means that clients can trust the information they receive from the network and make decisions based on that information without the risk of being misled or deceived.

Overall, the subnetDAS proposal provides a scalable and future-compatible solution for bridging the gap between EIP-4844 and full Danksharding. While it does sacrifice some aspects such as unlinkability of queries, the trade-off is considered acceptable for an intermediate DAS solution. The use of subnets as the main networking structure offers several benefits, including little networking unknowns, scalability, and future-compatibility.

It’s important to note that subnetDAS is not without its vulnerabilities, particularly in terms of linkability of queries. However, these vulnerabilities can be mitigated through the use of stable subnets and staggered rotation of subnets. Additionally, the security analysis of subnetDAS shows that it ensures global safety and client safety, providing a robust and secure solution for the Ethereum network.

In conclusion, subnetDAS offers a promising approach to scaling Ethereum without compromising the liveness of the network or increasing node requirements. It leverages the existing subnet infrastructure and provides a scalable and future-compatible solution for DAS. While there are trade-offs to consider, subnetDAS addresses the challenges of scalability and offers a secure and reliable networking structure for the Ethereum ecosystem.

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