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Streaming Giant Embraces Ethereum: Modular Digital Art Finds a New Home on the Blockchain

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“Unleashing the power of Ethereum: Streaming modular decentralized applications for a seamless and unstoppable future.”

Celestia Labs has introduced Blobstream, a data availability layer that streams data to Ethereum. Blobstream, formerly known as the Quantum Gravity Bridge (QGB), allows Ethereum developers to create high-throughput Layer 2 solutions as easily as they develop smart contracts. Blobstream uses Data Availability Sampling (DAS) to scale based on user contributions to data availability. It allows any user to directly contribute to data availability by running a sampling light node, which can detect if validators withhold data or produce invalid blocks and hold them accountable. Blobstream also includes Blobstream X, a zero-knowledge (ZK) implementation that verifies Celestia validator signatures onchain with a single ZK proof. Both Blobstream and Blobstream X are available on testnet and will be deployed on Ethereum Mainnet and Ethereum Layer 2s in the near future. Celestia Labs aims to solve the data availability bottleneck facing the Ethereum ecosystem and make it easier for developers to create Layer 2 solutions.

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