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Springwatch Star Chris Packham Exposes Twitter Crypto Scam; Victims Reportedly Losing Tens of Thousands of Pounds

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Chris Packham Reveals Target of Twitter Crypto Scam | BBC Springwatch

Chris Packham Reveals he is Target of Twitter Crypto Scam


BBC Springwatch star Chris Packham has recently revealed that he has become the target of a Twitter crypto scam. He fears that this scam has conned victims out of tens of thousands of pounds. Packham took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to address the issue and warn his followers about the fraudulent activity.

The Scam Operation

Packham explained that he has been targeted by a significant scam operation on Twitter, involving hundreds of profiles. These scams come in the form of paid-for adverts claiming that Packham has made money from cryptocurrencies. The scammers then use his fake endorsement to encourage others to invest as well. However, Packham made it clear that these claims are all scams and should not be trusted.

Fake Ads and Profiles

In a video posted by Packham, he highlighted the existence of a large number of fake Twitter and Facebook ads and profiles featuring him. Some of these fake posts even appear to be from national newspapers, with one claiming to be under the banner of BBC News. Packham emphasized that these posts are all fraudulent and should not be believed.

Denial of Cryptocurrency Knowledge

Addressing the claims made in the fake posts, Packham stated that he has no knowledge or involvement in cryptocurrency. He urged his followers not to be deceived by these fraudsters and to avoid parting with any money based on their false claims.

Reporting the Scam

Packham reported the fake ads and accounts to Facebook and Twitter. As a result, some profiles were taken down on Facebook. However, he is still working on getting them removed from Twitter. In a last-ditch effort to raise the issue, Packham even tagged CEO Elon Musk in his post.

Assurance from BBC

Packham assured his followers that the fake posts have nothing to do with BBC News. He stated that the BBC is aware of the situation and is taking internal measures to protect their copyright and have the fake posts taken down.


Chris Packham’s revelation of being targeted by a Twitter crypto scam serves as a warning to others. He urges everyone to be cautious and not fall victim to these fraudulent schemes. By reporting the scams and raising awareness, Packham hopes to protect others from losing their hard-earned money.

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