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Sony and Startale Labs Join Forces to Pioneer Blockchain Technology for Next-Gen Solutions

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Startale Labs and Sony Network Communications Announce Blockchain Joint Venture

Startale Labs recently announced a joint venture with Sony Network Communications. The collaboration will see the parties develop a blockchain for Sony.

Supporting the Worldwide Web3 Infrastructure

The blockchain network will be used to support the worldwide Web3 infrastructure. Both parties will merge their partner networks, expertise, and skill sets to enable the development.

Exploring Web3-Based Use Cases

With blockchain technology advancing significantly, both Startale Labs and Sony will leverage its potential to propose Web3-based use cases. The parties have decided to establish a joint venture company by the name of Sony Network Communications Labs Pte. Ltd. in September.

Exposure in Multiple Domains

As expected from a massive brand such as Sony, the joint venture company will gain exposure in multiple domains. Some of them are entertainment technology, music, games, pictures, financial services, and network services.

Excitement from Sony’s Representative Director and President

Jun Watanabe, Sony’s Representative Director and President, commented on the latest development. According to Watanabe, everyone at Sony is thrilled to be working with Startale Labs. The company is renowned for its Web3 expertise and technology. The companies will drive innovation throughout several circles by merging Sony’s experience in AI, solutions services, and IoT with Startale Labs Web3 expertise.

CEO of Startale Labs on the Collaboration

The CEO of Startale Labs, Sota Watanabe, also talked about the collaboration. According to the CEO, the joint venture follows the company’s successful capital partnership with Sony in June. The Startale Labs team is thrilled to be collaborating more with the tech giant. The joint venture is based on the connections, knowledge, and assets the companies share. It aims to co-develop a leading blockchain ecosystem.

Driving the Web3 Trend Worldwide

Every involved party is looking forward to disrupting the Web3 trend and driving the technology worldwide, added Sota Watanabe.


Given Sony and Startale Labs sheer status, their collaboration is expected to be a sure success.

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